Tempero is the world's largest full-service social media management agency offering integrated Strategy, Insight, Moderation and Engagement for many of the world's largest brands, 24/7, in multiple languages.

We listen to provide insight & analysis, we engage to build advocacy, and we protect against reputation damage. We are the engine behind multi-language, multi-platform, multi-territory social media activity.

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"Tempero are always responsive and ready to make things happen. They achieved amazing scale for us across several markets without ever jeopardising quality and ensure their people are the right fit for our communities."

Shane Bellamy

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Facebook Rooms

facebook rooms

As moderators of content published by children and young people, we’re constantly reminded of their passion for all things new. They’re astonishingly adept at seeking out the latest apps and quick to test new technologies to the limit. As the adults …

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Media Trust Art of Engagement Conference

Media Trust Art of Engagement Conference

Tempero has been in the business of helping brands manage their social media activity for more than 11 years, and earlier this year, we partnered with the Media Trust to pass on some of what we’ve learnt, free of charge, …

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Give Sports Fans What They Want

Phenomenal Shot

It’s no surprise that rights-holders and media companies are looking at social media becoming a larger part of their commercial offering, with this year’s Know The Fan: The Global Sports Media Consumption Report 2014 stating that for the first time, …

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Top 5 beer brands that did cool social stuff during the World Cup


The World Cup has officially come to a close and Germany are victorious. But it is no secret that the winning team is known for another, arguably much more important skill that dates back thousands of years: making great beer. …

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Brands wearing their Pride


Pride Week poses an opportunity for people worldwide to show support for LGBT rights. It also gives brands the opportunity to show their own support for the movement, with branded Pride related hashtags and by sponsoring Pride events. Here are …

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